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TAWA is mandated to implement the Wildlife Conservation Act No. 5 of 2009 and subsequent regulations to ensure that wildlife resources available outside TANAPA and NCAA are properly conserved. In response to the rapid rise in wildlife crime, including poaching and illegal ivory trade, rhino horn and other animal product experienced in Tanzania that lead to the consequent decline in wildlife populations, especially of African elephants, TAWA is strive to reinforce law enforcement by conducting Anti poaching patrols, protection of human and their properties against problem animals, strengthening of law enforcement by conduct inspection of trophy at entry and exit points to prohibit poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking and outflow of trophies outside the country and supervise hunting activities conducted in different blocks and inspecting permits at zoos and farms. Other activities include liaison with other law enforcement agencies investigation and prosecution of Wildlife related cases.

Our Mission

Our  mission is "enhancing wildlife resource value to humankind in partnership with stakeholder".

TAWA was established to undertake the administration and sustainable management of wildlife resource outside national parks and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area for the benefit of Tanzanians and mankind in general. In doing this, TAWA will collaborate with communities, other wildlife institutions and stakeholders

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a “standard of excellence in conservation  of wildlife resources”. TAWA aspires to be an exemplary institution in conservation and management of wildlife resources across the globe by promoting and setting standards of best practices in this field.

Our core values


We deliver our services with professionalism, transparency and honesty while upholding high ethical standards.


We are result-oriented, honor our commitments and take responsibility for our actions.


We embrace forward-thinking solutions in addressing challenges facing the wildlife sector.


We are a hardworking, result-oriented organization, that sets high performance expectations for quality service delivery.


We partner with communities and relevant stakeholders in undertaking our duties and delivering our services.

Our aspirations

  • Support for sustainable consumptive utilization of wildlife
  • Consolidation and strengthening of the non-consumptive service-offerings
  • Roll out the paramilitary model
  • Results-oriented
  • Policy improvement and harmonizatio
  • Greater operational decision-making in zonal stations
  • Build capacity of zonal staff to manage and lead on wildlife issues

An authority that has managed to end poaching and illegal wildlife trade

  • Free from human interference
  • Conservation of endangered species
  • Increased number of wildlife resources

Adherence to principles of good governance

  • Financially autonomous e.g. Retention Scheme
  • Independent decision making
  • Peaceful existence of wildlife and communities
  • Minimize the cost of conservation to local communities
  • Transparent and participatory collaboration