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South of Sikonge township, Tabora Region


2540 km²


Ipole Wildlife Management Area is located to the East of Tanzania. It borders Ipembambazi Forest Reserve and the South is bordered by Inyonga East Game Controlled Area and Inyonga Forest Reserve respectively, while to the West the area is bordered by Ugalla Game Reserve and Walla Forest Reserve. To the North, the WMA is bordered by Ipole, Msuva, Idekamiso and Utimule villages.


Animals to find

Sable and Roan antelopes, Kudu, Hartebeest, Lion, Giraffe, Impala, Elephant, Leopard, Warthogs, Monkey, Aardvark, Baboon, Hyena, Buffalo, Waterbuck, Hydrax, Porcupine, Snakes, and birds.


Ipole is dominated by open woodland and tree species for timber, fruit and medicinal purpose.

How to access?

By road from Tabora Municipality via Sikonge Township to Ipole. It is about 87 km from Tabora to Sikonge and 24 km from Sikonge to Ipole. Also by road from Mbeya via Kitunda ward to Ipole and from Sumbawanga through Mpanda District via Inyonga to Ipole. Air strip located within the Ugunda Game Reserve at Koga (35 km) and Kalulu airstrip (60 km) can land small airplanes.

Investment opportunities

Tourist hunting, bee keeping, nature trails and walking safaris, photographic safaris and timber harvesting.